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Q. How much glass can fit into your containers?

A. Our containers can hold 40 Wine bottles or 60 Beer bottles or a combination of the two.

Q. Are your containers Eco-friendly?

A. We source only the greenest containers. They are made from 100% recycled material and made to last. We have customers who have been with us for over two years and their container is in as good condition as new.

Q. What do you do with the glass?

A. We pay to dispose of the glass we collect at a registered recycling facility. They recycle 100% of all glass they receive. This is a fundamental aspect in our mission to increase household recycling.

Q. Do you take cash payments?

A. We only take payment through the secure payment platform on our website. Safeguarding your payments each month.

Q. Is one container going to be enough for the month?

A. 92% of customers who conducted a one month trial with our containers were satisfied with the size. Only 8% had space for more glass waste. So we are happy that our large 62L containers are perfect for any household.

Q. Why use Just Glass?

A. Why not? We offer great value for money, we bring convenience to your busy daily lives and we are a responsible recycler.

Q. How long is my contract?

A. You are not in a contract and can cancel your plan at any time if you wish.

Q. Are you a licensed waste carrier?

A. Yes we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency. Our license number is CBDU332074

Q. Can i have more than one container?

A. Yes of course. Get in touch for bespoke pricing.

Q. Do you supply offices or  small businesses?

A. Absolutely, anywhere that produces glass waste we can offer our services. We currently serve micro breweries, some cafes and small bars along with office buildings (A lot of coffee jars).

Q. What types of Glass can i dispose of?

A. We take Bottles & Jars of every type and colour.

Q. Do you offer one off collections as well as the monthly subscription plan?

A. Yes we do, please email us a photo of the glass you need collecting along with your postcode and we will provide a quote. Email: 

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