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What Dry January?

Hello everyone,

Well with the country on lock down again, the pubs closed & children being homeschooled, it certainly came as no surprise that the annual 'Dry January' perhaps wasn't as successful for many of you as it has been in previous years! We definitely don't blame you for cracking open a bottle of wine or three...a night..... We certainly have!

It's important to have hope, though. Hope that someday very soon we'll be back to normal! Although after the last twelve months we're not sure we can remember what normal is.....

None the've certainly all kept us busy this month, but us being busy is good, it means you are all recycling! But not just responsibly recycling, conveniently too! Do you remember all the bottles stacked up on the kitchen side? by the back door? the bags full of glass sat by the bins outside? The mundane trip to the bottle bank? Oh and Individually chucking all of your bottles in while looking over your shoulder hoping you've not been spotted....well you're welcome. That's all a thing of the past thanks to Just Glass :)

Our man Pete was out this month collecting your glass. Cold and wet collection days they were too! But that didn't stop him....heaters on in the van, flask of coffee and he was all set!

A quiet day on the roads which helped speed things up a little. It also makes our collection days a little smoother when its quieter, especially in Portsmouth when we have to stop down a one way road for a moment, subsequently blocking any traffic behind us (Sorry), but very minimal hold ups today which is always a bonus!

Pete has asked us to pass on his thanks to you all for using your lids on your containers too. This time of the year, particularly when we've had lots of rain, the containers can be quite heavy when they are full of water. It really helps when you keep the lids on your containers so a big thank you from all of us :)

How much glass did we collect?

This month we saw a 6% increase in our customer numbers and we had a bumper December which saw a 14% increase in sign ups. Every month we are now collecting even more bottles & jars than we ever have done!

All in, we collected 3 Tonnes of glass. Now 3 tonnes of glass recycled equates to a whopping 670kg of Co2 saved, by not producing new glass bottles from scratch.....could you even lift 100kg? Probably that's a lot of Co2 saved!

That's enough Co2 saved to power 85,447 smartphones!

Did you know?

Each time one tonne of glass is recycled in a furnace...

  • Over a tonne of raw material does not need to be quarried, processed and transported.

  • Less Co2 is emitted as less energy is needed to melt the cullet.

  • Emissions from raw materials breaking down in the furnace are avoided.

  • The amount of packaging waste going to landfill is reduced by one tonne.

Amazing! So every tonne really counts! Each month we're increasing the amount we collect and recycle so every member can be proud that they are contributing to an ever growing recycling success story!

Remember, every review, every like, comment and share on social media, every friend you tell - It all really helps us to grow, and continue growing, what we have worked really hard to bring to your doorstep. We are both forever grateful in your continued support.

While we are on the topic, we are working on improving our Google page, which really helps us with our visibility online. We wish Trustpilot and Google would link up so we could show the reviews on our google space, but we cant, so if you have a moment we would really appreciate if you could hit the button below and leave a Google review. It will only take 30 seconds but it means so much to us.

That's all for this month. If there's anything you would like us to cover specifically then please do let us know in the comments below or any feedback for us would be much appreciated!


Ollie & Owen


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