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The Big Freeze!

Hello everyone,

Well we all thought February was supposed to be the shortest month....quite the opposite wouldn't you agree? It was definitely the coldest we've had in a while. We hope you enjoyed the flurry of snow!

Great news that we as a nation have hit 16m vaccinations! It'll be more than this by time we publish this post too we're sure!

We'd like to say welcome to lots of new customers in the Warsash/Park Gate area this month, thanks for joining Just Glass. This is an area that had been a little slow to take up the idea of curbside glass collection. We're not sure why but it's great to now be increasing our numbers across another area. You are keeping us even busier...and remember....if were busy its a good thing! It means we're all recycling! We hope you enjoy the convenience that we bring to your household.

It looks like its going to be another dull, but dry day for the collection team next week. Oh how we look forward to welcoming the Spring this year! Not just for our collection days but for the garden BBQ's and, well, just having that extra little bit of space rather than being confined to our four walls at home!

How much glass did we collect?

Well we haven't yet, but this month we've had a 8% increase in our customer numbers. So we are anticipating another half a ton of glass to be collected, taking us to approximately 3.5 tonnes! Every month we are now collecting even more bottles & jars than we ever have done!

Did you know?

The average recycling rate for households in Portsmouth is just 25.5%. This is way below England's average household recycling rate of 45.1%. This is "ALL" recycling though, not just glass, but gives you an impression of how little is being recycled on a whole.

We chose Portsmouth for our facts because it's our closest city, and being the most densely populated city in the UK outside London, it's a good one to compare against.

So every tonne we collect really counts! Each month we're increasing the amount we collect and recycle so every member can be proud that they are contributing to an ever growing recycling success story!

We are excited to announce that we have just submitted an entry into the Portsmouth Business Excellence Awards 2021 for "Start up of the year" category. Fingers crossed!

Every positive beam of light we can get on us is a great help :) Thank you to those who have helped us to improve our google page with some's HUGELY HELPFUL and more are very welcome!!

Thanks for taking the time to read our posts and engaging with us!

Remember containers out by 0900 on your collection day :)


Ollie & Owen



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