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Free Beer...!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Wow it’s been a busy few months for us at Just Glass. Throughout Spring we’ve been behind the scenes working to improve the fundamentals of our service, taking on more customers over a wider area, entering awards, preparing Ad campaigns to reach more and more homes and generally keeping busy while enjoying some more freedoms that we’ve been graced with as we moved into Summer...

New Collection Day/Area!

You’ll notice we have added a 3rd collection day/area. This was due to the increase in our customer base since the Christmas period. There is only so much glass you can collect in one day! We hope we have communicated this well with you, in our emails, by posting collection dates on our website and our social media channels. We know a lot of you joined when our standard collection was the last Sunday of the month, of course this is no longer practical. Hopefully our schedules are working well for you. We haven’t had any complaints yet so we can only assume.

The 'Unlimited' Returns

After a huge take up of our “Christmas Unlimited” bolt on, we decided to bring it back for the Summer period! It seems to be very popular once again, which is great. For us its all about customer service, providing a service that is convenient to you and one that you love and will tell your friends about. That means more to us than anything else. So we are very happy that by adding a bolt on option, you really are able to get the full service when it's needed and not left with messy bottles and jars or even having to go to the bottle bank yourself.

As much as we love offering it, it does take some additional work on our behalf. Imagine if every single one of our customers took up the offer every month, we’d need about 10 collection days and vehicles, so that’s why it needs a little bit of work our end to ensure a) We have enough capacity to collect and b) We have enough time. These are two very important fundamentals in our offering. What do we ask from you? Well If you have a big event or party on, for example, the first weekend of the month….well it's clear you will probably have a lot of additional glass and may like to take the bolt on option….but why wait until 2 days before collection day to purchase the bolt on…..snap it up early, as soon as you know you’ll need it. Click the image of bottles to snap up the bolt on! This advance notice really really does help us and no one will appreciate it more than us!

Our 'New Interactive Map!

You may have seen our new “Interactive map” that we created, showcasing how far and wide we are now operating, It's also a really good visual tool for us to use, to see how many postcodes we are serving across the full collection area. Slowly but surely we are reaching more and more homes and roads. A lot of this is down to you and you may not even realise it. Where do you keep your container through the month? By your front door, next to your bins, shared driveway in view of your neighbour? When you put it out on collection day, how many people walk or drive past your home? All of these small things are actually really helping us to grow. With any new business, getting your name out there Is extremely difficult and cannot be underestimated. So when you next put your container out for collection, or back for the month, remember to put it with the sticker facing outwards….if you don’t mind that is 😊 Every little helps!

Well as we are now in the Summer, if we can call it that, hopefully we’ll all enjoy some summer weather with a glass or bottle or two in the sun! We again deeply apologise to everyone for the disruption to the June collections last week. Only 14 lucky customers received their collection before the breakdown occurred. But luckily the gearbox wasn’t completely gone, just a part of it needed to be replaced, so a quicker repair and turnaround than we had initially thought, which is great news for all of us.

So what's next for us? We are attending the Portsmouth Business Excellence Awards 2021 on the evening of Thursday 8th July. If you missed our social media posts, we were shortlisted for the “Start up business of the year” category. We are absolutely thrilled at the recognition and fingers crossed we can take the top spot and become “Award winning bin men”….something we never thought we would be back in junior school when we discussed having our own business one day. But there you go! The awards evening will be live streamed, via the Portsmouth News Facebook page, so if you wish you can watch it live. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Also if you haven’t already, pop a review on for us on our TrustPilot / Google page, every single review means so much and helps us to reach our goals and targets of servicing more and more households. Click the image to read the Portsmouth News article on the shortlisted businesses.

As we come into the holidays, keep your eyes peeled. Well, hopefully people who aren’t already customers will see them, but we are adopting poster sites across Portsmouth and Southsea with a campaign advertising our service so we hope to “spread the word” even more during the holidays! This should keep us busy until the Autumn, when we will provide our next update on what we’ve been up too..... if we could forget this! The amazing local artist Mark Lewis, who owns the Strand Map Mural in Southsea has added us to the local masterpiece and we couldn't be happier!

Cementing our name in the local community for the next 90+ years. Truly fantastic!

Sorry, no free beer...but it got you here to read our new blog post :)

Stay safe, take care and remember…..#justglassit

Ollie & Owen



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